Mars Island
Mars Island is a unique real estate opportunity with unlimited potential.
Development Potential

In our opinion with respect to maximizing your investment and ensuring property management control and development, the three sites are best viewed as a single entity. As the surrounding area is known for a variety of sporting activities - diving, sport fishing, sea-kayaking and windsurfing, Mars Island could provide a base for sporting enthusiasts. The Island’s relative remoteness also provides a perfect escape destination for a variety of leisure, professional, or spiritual functions.

The Concept Report proposes that Norris Island and the exposed coastal areas of Mars Island be maintained as a nature preserve. The beautiful, more protected landward coast of Mars Island permits a wide range of uses, e.g.:
Concept Plan 1
Develop a Nova Scotian inspired fisherman’s village with a Master’s House for yourself and a community
of rental properties that could be marketed as vacation destinations, or perhaps a management or spiritual retreat.
Concept Plan 2
The Island could be developed as a community of private sanctuaries. These properties could be rentals, leases or purchased outright. The layout of this community of retreats has been designed to ensure complete privacy from the adjacent properties. See the Concept Report, and Concept Plans 1 and 2 for further details.
Island Wharf Concept
As per the downloadable PDF, a custom wharf has been developed by Waterworks Construction, the premier marine general contractors within the Canadian Maritimes. Designed specifically for the indicated Concept Plan wharf locations, this structure will accommodate vessels up to 40’ in length. Additionally, its modular construction will ensure years of use and ease of maintenance. The installation of the wharf structure may be undertaken by the prospective buyer or in partnership with the present owner.